Cassidy Layton



When Cassidy was 6 years old she climbed on stage during her sisters high school production of The Secret Garden, and thus began her very serious acting career. She grew up very untalented. She sang so much and so badly around the house that there is a “no singing at the table” rule that stands to this day.

She then studied classical voice for 9 years, and now sounds pretty rad singing legit repertoire up to an exciting, yet rarely used E6 above high C (dog whistle territory). She became a comedian, surviving the perilous NYC open mic scene and receiving extensive improv training, and found her acting chops after graduating AMDA New York in February of 2017.

Now she's a full blown professional performer! WOO-HOO! She typically plays women who are quirky, smart and soulful. They are also typically courageous, and cool (just like her!). Previous parts include misunderstood cool teens, hopeful spunky upstarts, manic pixie dream girls, and murderers.

Cassidy is waiting for her dark comedy, quirky rock musical, or "Lady Bird" to come around, so that she can soar like the majestic egret she is.








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