Wow! This is Cassidy Layton's website. It is very exciting to be here. 

Cassidy is an NYC based actor, singer, and comedian. She graduated AMDA in February of 2017.

 This year she did a lot of short films (Paul, Bloody Sunday, You Will Know It, The Night That Night, Not Expecting) originated a bunch of roles in the world premieres of some incredible new musicals and plays (La Maupin, Maximalista, Bagels From Benny, All Star, RansomWHERE), and did comedy stuff (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Impractical Jokers, SNL).

In addition she voiced the lead character in the animated film To Arcadia, and performed stand-up comedy at the Klimat Lounge, the Broadway Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club and Mama's Bar.

In her spare time, Cassidy can be found sing/shrieking monthly at The West End Lounge, flying trapeze, and baking in accordance with The Great British Bake Off- her FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIME.