This page is for all the OTHER stuff Cassidy does. Including writing, trapeze, producing, and comedy! Heres a little bit about each of those things:
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Cassidy has recently discovered the joys of doing things in the industry BESIDES performing! She has been on the original creative team for All Star: The Best Broadway Musical (a satirical musical featuring ONLY the song All Star by Smash Mouth)  for two years, and plans to help foster its growth to Broadway. In addition, Cassidy is in the process of developing the play she wrote: “A Conversation With Ted Bundy”.
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When Cassidy was sixteen years old, she walked into the local dive bar for their open mic comedy night and did her first 5 minute stand-up comedy routine. she was terrible.But every time she got the awesome opportunity to be terrible, she realized how much she loved making people laugh, with her or at her.
She still does some pretty bad stand-up sometimes, but mostly likes doing sketch, improv, and musical comedy. She is a recent member of the touring musical improv group “Broadways Next Hit Musical" and is an improv performer/emcee on The Ride!
Cassidy really likes her Instagram! She thinks you should check it out and follow her because she is nice AND funny. @Casadilla67
One of Cassidy’s cool acting-adjacent hobbies is trapeze! Here are some fun videos of her both succeeding AND falling down as she feels that both are equally as important in the circus.