Cassidy Layton


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Cassidy will be performing songs as Mads from Ryan Scott Oliver's new musical "Three Points of Contact" at the Matlz Jupiter Theater in Jupiter Florida on April 20th 2018.


Cassidy will be singing in 54 Below's 54/54/54 event on May 4th 2018 at 11:30 pm. Her cast-mates include Broadway almuns, Tony award winners, and general famous people who will hopefully be really confused as to why she's there!


Cassidy playing Donald Trump on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (TBS)


Cassidy as Lysander in Under St. Mark’s production of Midsummer.

A clip featured on New York One news, from Cassidy’s performance as Mrs.Silver in the world premiere of the musical “Bagels from Benny” at 92Y.


Cassidy in the musical “Cry Love”. She had purple hair and played an angsty teen- how new for her!

Cassidy singing in her award winning role in “La Maupin the musical”. She is the first to sing, and the higher section in the duet portions.


In the film Keepsakes Cassidy plays a mute teenager named Maira, a girl trapped in her own mind with extreme attachment issues. Maira stumbles through high school and soon decides it is her duty to takes swift revenge on those who hurt her, seeking to correct the injustice she sees in the world; often with deadly consequences.

Keepsakes premieres at the 2018 Cape May Film Festival April 6th 2018


Cassidy is so excited to be a part of Futureproof, an immersive, on-site transmedia series that runs through September. She will be portraying Janice! More info here.


Cassidy got this sick review for her performance in the women's rights cabaret: Women Who March.

"Out of a cast of 12, I’d have to say Cassidy Layton was my favorite performer whom I hadn’t seen yet. Layton’s choice of “Recovery” (Ryan Scott Oliver), which she referenced as being about forgiveness, spoke to a larger theme of the evening: strength of perseverance in life."

How exciting! Read the full review here.


Cassidy as Essie in You Cant Take it with You


Cassidy as Schwarzy in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee


Back from last summer's award-winning performance as the Marquise de Florensac, this summer Cassidy is stepping up to fill Julie d'Aubigny's epic combat boots as the lead in La Maupin the musical. La Maupin runs at The Tank through June.

More info here.


Cassidy is thrilled to be jumping into the role of Fern in Theaterworks USA’s new international tour of Charlottes Web.


In the film Paul Cassidy plays Sheila, the manic-pixie-dream-girl / rock sensation also known as "Crimson Queen". Grocery bagger by day, guitar goddess by night.

Paul will be playing at the Montclair Film Festival May 4th 2018


Cassidy recently won the Fresh Fruit Festival Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for her work in the world premiere of the new musical La Maupin in July-August of 2017. She will be accepting the award at a ceremony in late May 2018.